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By thesocialist, Jun 23 2016 03:45PM

Last month was Zach's birthday. He is my baby brother, and also my business partner. You may have seen him in the Pig early in the mornings, ambling about nonchalantly, his hair standing straight up and with that shy grin on his face...but you may not understand that he is half of what makes this place tick. I am serious. The other half, my chef, Ray and me...yeah, we do work hard (very very hard) to make sure we feed you well. We work very hard to make sure the bills get paid, staff are happy, and the business thrives.

We do that because Zach believes in us. Because he encourages us, expects the best from us, pep talks us to keep us motivated, fights for us, fights with us to ensure we don't take the easy way out because we are so damn tired.

Zach is the coach that keeps this team together. Our winning streak has nothing to do with luck. It is because Zach still gives a damn.

Next time you order a coffee or enjoy lunch at the Pig, if you see Zach, with his flip flops on, say "hey"...

Thanks, dude, for everything.

By thesocialist, Nov 19 2015 04:33PM

Last night, six businesses owned by women hosted the 5th annual Moonlight Open House. This is a shopping social event, originated as a way for women entrepreneurs to help each other during the quiet season. It has become more than that, now. It is incredible to see the main street of this tiny town bustle with people on a cold November evening. Store to store, where discounts and complimentary treats and drinks are shared, folks greet each other enthusiastically, often hugging and making plans to get together soon. This is how Community is built; how a small town thrives.

I chose a winner for the big basket bursting with donations from each participating business, and called out a name.

Imagine our delight when it was Ruth MacNeil, another incredible, innovative, hard working entrepreneur!

If you have not been to her fabulous business, The Cobweb Shoppe, in Lansdowne, I highly recommend you go!

Something very special that I have planned for the 'pig' was dreamed up there!

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